Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My leisurely pleasures

Guys its been ages since i blogged........ and that is for the obvious reason that i didn't find anything appropriate to write something about..... this leisure seems to be killing my time. Yeah i know it sounds a bit odd as to you people would think "how leisure can kill someone's time ?" but thats the way it is. It is happening to me , as i have developed many productive and unproductive methods of "killing time" and the entire credit goes to this "leisure" . Well to list a few of them ........... reading books and novels, this was the one thing i was allergic to, but this leisurely feeling of mine has turned it into a pleasure, and that is the best time -pass i am involved into...these days !! The second thing listed in my leisurely pleasures is playing computer games ( facebook games too)..... seriously i was never this crazy about games ...but this leisure has forced me into it. Next thing .... listening to music... I was always fond of music... but recently i have started listening to the types I was never fond of...then is the thing I never ever thought I would be involved into........."day - dreaming" , I never used to be like this , may be it is all because of this leisure that has landed me into all this.......whether productive or not .... this "leisure" of mine has a short life span ...and I am absolutely sure ( and happy) till then i can't do any thing more than enjoying my leisurely pleasures!!!